Important Information for Parents

DS Class Time

Sunday from 3.45pm – 5.30pm

Annual Registration

Children must enrol for each academic year. Submitting a completed enrolment form for each child is compulsory. Children who have not been enrolled will not be allocated a class.

There are two intakes per year:

  1. January/February intake
  2. June/July intake

Minimum Age requirement for enrolment

Children should be at least 5 years old to be enrolled for the Level 1 class. If your child has not reached this age requirement, we kindly request you to wait until your child turns five.


The Dhamma School expects regular attendance from its students. Teachers cannot maintain continuity when students miss classes. Children who have missed earlier lessons also tend to be disruptive because they do not understand what is being taught.

Students who are absent for 6 consecutive lessons, or have less than 50% attendance per term will be removed from the class register. Unless your child is sick, prior notification is required if they will be absent for any reason.

Please inform the class teacher or DS Coordinator of your child’s absence as early as possible.

Dress Code

All students are expected to wear white clothing only. All students must wear lamasari or national for special days and special occasions.

If non-uniform clothing has to be worn, it must be modest. Girls should not wear shorts, sleeveless or “skimpy” tops or tight-fitting clothing. Dhamma School and temple is not a place for such clothing, as modesty and simplicity are part of Buddhist practice.


Lamasari or national dress is preferred. However, girls may wear a DS t-shirt with either white trousers [long] or a skirt. Younger girls should wear white tights under their lamasari.


Boys may wear their DS t-shirt with long trousers.

SLSBS Membership

All DS parents are expected to become members of the SLSBS. The monthly subscription is $20 per family per month. The DSPTC understands that some families may have some financial constraints. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the secretary DSPTC and your situation will be reviewed confidentially.

Payment Methods

  1. Direct Debit (Preferred)
    BSB: 016 002
    Account:      4988 31089
    Name:          Sri Lankan Sinhalese Buddhist Society
  2. During Dhamma School hours to the Treasurer – DSPTC or to VP Education (SLSBS)
  3. Cheque
    Pay to: Sri Lankan Sinhalese Buddhist Society
    Post to:        SLSBS Treasurer, 78, Austin Avenue, Kenwick WA 6107
  4. Internet Banking
    When using Internet Banking, please note your Membership Number and payment type, e.g. Membership or Building Fund Donation. Please email the treasurer at

A temporary receipt number will be emailed to you. Tax deductible receipts will be issued at the end of the financial year.

DS Children’s Behaviour Management

DS Staff Responsibilities

  • Duty of care
  • Ensure the safety of all DS students
  • Prevent bullying and discrimination
  • Engage students in class activities
  • Maintain a high ethical and professional standard in class management at all times
  • Maintain open communication with parents/guardians of children
  • The class teacher may discipline disruptive or inappropriate behaviour in class to maintain order.
  • Abusive language or physical restraint will not be used

Parents’ Responsibilities

  • Provide appropriate guidance and instructions to children
  • Communicate with class teachers and DS staff when necessary
  • Inform your child’s class teacher if unable to attend
  • Make sure that children attend DS regularly, are on time for classes and are dressed correctly, in lamasari/national or DS uniform
  • Bring their books and stationery
  • Behave appropriately at temple at all time
  • A parent should not walk into a class when DS lessons are being conducted.
  • If a parent has an issue regarding any matter concerning the child during class time, it should be brought to the teacher’s attention after


DS Disciplinary Procedure

Step 1

The teacher will speak to the student at the end of the lesson. This will be done three times.

Step 2

The student will be taken to the DS Coordinator to discuss the matter.

Step 3

A meeting set up with parents to discuss the issue.

Step 4

If the negative behaviour continues, a warning letter will be issued and parents will be informed for further discussion.

Step 5

If all of the efforts above are not effective and the student’s inappropriate behaviour continues, the case will be referred to the DS parent teacher committee for a final decision.

Parents’ contribution towards the smooth functioning of Dhamma School

  • All parents must take up SLSBS membership
  • Participate in activities organised by the Dhamma School
  • Carry out Parent Roster duties and its responsibilities diligently
  • Check emails and other notices from the DSPTC regularly