About Dhamma School

Perth Dhamma School operates under Perth Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara, and is coordinated by a group of volunteers instructed and guided by the Venerable Maha Sangha.

By sending your children to the Dhamma School you will also be able to develop long standing friendships with fellow Sri Lankans, contribute to the advancement of Sri Lankan community in various ways, and let the children embrace your ancient heritage while growing up and integrating into a multicultural society.

Other than learning Buddhism, children will also be able to make good friends, learn Sri Lankan culture, and participate in various religious and cultural activities organized by the temple such as Sinhala/Hindu New Year celebrations, Vesak Festival, Poson Festival, Katina and Mapiya Upahara Ulela etc..

Perth Dhamma School has a long history for teaching Buddhism to students guiding them to avoid the extremes of self-indulgence leading to a balanced life-style with moral discipline and virtuous ideals.

The parents who wish to expose their children to Buddhism may enrol their children as instructed in Registration.